Pray for Me and for My Kirkland Students?

05 Mar

Some of you know that one of my greatest privileges each year is to teach a survey of Bible doctrine to lifers at the Kirkland Correctional Institute in Columbia, SC. The thirteen men in this year’s cohort are believers in Jesus and have committed themselves to a two-year cooperative program with Columbia International University to be trained to do ministry alongside chaplains in this state’s penal system. These brothers agree (upon their graduation) to be disseminated to other prisons, a great sacrifice in moving some distance from visits from family and friends.

This is, I think, my seventh or eighth cohort that I have worked with. These men are incarcerated for serious crimes. One said to me the other day, “I thank God for prison. This is where I met Jesus!” But prison is hard. I reflected a bit today on some of the privileges I have that they don’t:

I am not minimizing their crimes. Some have admitted to me that they deserve their punishment. But I have the privilege of teaching them the doctrines of God’s Word! Please pray for me — and for them!


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6 responses to “Pray for Me and for My Kirkland Students?

  1. John Baehr

    March 5, 2020 at 9:09 am

    Since these guys are training for certification, grades must count. But I bet they are all working hard regardless of grades and (from the lips of a former teacher), this must be a wonderful experience!

    • Dr. Larry Dixon

      March 5, 2020 at 10:28 am

      John: Always a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks for your words of encouragement. Blessings. Larry

  2. Carl Foresti

    March 5, 2020 at 6:20 pm

    Will pray brother Larry!

    • Dr. Larry Dixon

      March 6, 2020 at 5:37 am

      Thank you, Brother Carl. I certainly appreciate your prayers. Larry

  3. Anonymous

    March 6, 2020 at 9:03 am

    Praying for you at Kirkland! Curious…is this program available in other prisons? Intriguing possibilities….Blessings!

  4. Dr. Larry Dixon

    March 6, 2020 at 2:25 pm

    Not sure, my friend. Prison Fellowship (started by the late Charles Colson) might be the place to look. Everything depends on the openness of the warden to a program like this. I met the new warden the other day and thanked her for allowing our ministry. Appreciate your prayers. Larry


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