Social Distancing . . . and Evangelism!

17 Jul

I’ve been told by some of my friends that I’m an evangelist. I’m not so sure about that — but I do want to share the gospel wherever and whenever I can. But how are we to share the gospel when we are to stay at least 6 feet apart from others, not gather in groups of more than 10, and never, ever touch another human?

Yes, I’ve overstated matters a  bit. But here are a few ideas that occur to me of how we can “do” evangelism in this “new normal”:

1. Nothing, I repeat, nothing should keep us from the imperative of being a friend of sinners like Jesus was! This has been my kind of ministry mantra for the last few years. We Jesus-followers fail miserably at developing deep relationships with lost people and spend all our time in Christian meetings, talking only with Christians, and eating only Christian casseroles!

2. This Covid pandemic has driven many of us to our computers and smart phones and to see them for what they are — incredible communication tools that can be useful in the Kingdom! Have you taken the opportunity during this strange period to connect or re-connect through email or text with those you haven’t seen in years? Why not?

3. Where are you and I showing the kindness of Christ during this challenging time? As an introvert, in some ways this period has been a blessing. But for my extrovert friends and family members, this has been tortuous. Am I choosing to reach out in my introvertedness? If you are an extrovert, is this social distancing time encouraging you to grow deeper in your relationship with Christ Himself? Has it driven you to His Word?

4. Are we using this time to serve others? I hate wearing a mask, but why flaunt my freedom at the risk of the health of others? What kind of witness am I if I enter a grocery store or business that says “Mask required” maskless?

5. What happens when this pandemic is over? When we don’t have to wear masks anymore? When we can fully meet together as churches and friends? What will be some of the changes in a post-pandemic society? I don’t know, but I do know that I will value my friendships much more than I did pre-pandemic. My life will ssslllooowww down some and I will relish conversations much more than before. Life is too short to rush about, treating others as unimportant, ending conversations prematurely.

6. My last thought: What will church be like? How has this pandemic been a wake-up call to God’s people to get the gospel out in new and creative ways? Will we be less self-absorbed and more Great Commission oriented? When will we begin to talk about and pray for our lost friends? Could it be that in the sovereignty of God this pandemic’s partial purpose was to get the church to THINK? To think about reaching those who are far from God. To think about starting evangelistic Bible studies (either in person or online). To think about genuine fellowship where we talk about what we have in common in Christ.

Your comments?

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One response to “Social Distancing . . . and Evangelism!

  1. Bruce Toews

    July 17, 2020 at 7:53 am

    I have been trying for a long time to tell my Christian brothers and sisters that where they see restriction, I see opportunity. With things like online streaming of church services and so on, we have the incredible opportunity of reaching people who don’t want to step into a church building, instead of practising our faith in a vacuum. It’s in this blog entry.


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