“With Friends Like These . . .” An Online Bible Study

01 Aug

Friends: I don’t know if you have ever really studied the Old Testament book of Job — but it is fascinating! And I’m putting together a multi-session Bible study of that critical book for us to work through together! It is entitled “With Friends Like These . . . Job’s Friends and Religious Foolishness.”

Here’s the plan:

1. Send me your email expressing interest in our ten-week course (

2. For those who want to contribute a bit financially to the work I will be doing for this study, I would suggest a “love offering” sent to my PayPal account ( of $10 or more. We often appreciate more (and work harder on) those projects we invest in. But . . . no pressure to contribute anything other than your work in the study.

3. After giving readers a chance to sign up, we will launch our study with a weekly series of questions as we move through the book of Job. You will have one week to complete each set of questions. We will then have a weekly Zoom session at an agreed-upon time to discuss the implications of this incredible book.

What do you think? Come on! Join us!


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