Why Shouldn’t the World Think Us WEIRD? (A Study of I Peter 1:8-9) Part 2

31 Aug

My friend Frank and I are now going through I Peter. This is our read-the-same-chapter-every-day-for-a-week online Bible study which I’ve described here. We’re making great progress going through the epistles of the New Testament. But the following passage from I Peter really got me thinking:

Please forgive my underlining and bolding and changing colors, but these two verses kind of hit me between the eyes. And they help me not to be so surprised when the world looks at me funny and thinks I need medication or a lengthy stay in a mental hospital. Let’s continue our study of these two verses:

I. We Love What We Do Not See!

In Part 1 we saw that believers presently do not see the Lord — but OTHERS have seen Him! And have testified (at the cost of their lives) of that fact. We looked briefly at I John 1 and noticed the empirical language John uses about having seen the Lord Jesus.

Let’s notice a second truth in this text and it is that —

II. We Believe in Him! (v. 8)

Following up on Peter’s “even though” (and his second statement that we do not see Him) — he says that we believe in Him. Our world has been deceived into thinking that only the visible deserves our trust and allegiance. And that is simply not the case. Everyday we exercise faith in things we do not see, like stepping onto an elevator or eating food prepared by a teenager we hardly know!

Belief is a big deal in the Bible! But BELIEF in the Bible is not gullibility! The evidentiary basis of the Christian faith is real. And we are not fools for BELIEVING in Him! (to be continued)

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