Ruminating on ROMANS! (Some Thoughts on Paul’s Great Epistle) #8Free Justification! (A Study of Romans 3:22-25)

13 Dec

Many of you know that my New Jersey friend Frank and I are reading through God’s Word together (described here). We’re now in the book of Romans and are reading chapter 3 each day this week. Here is something that I noticed in reading this chapter:

God is righteous and we aren’t. We need His righteousness so that we will not come under His wrath.

But how do we get that righteousness? Our text makes it quite clear that His righteousness is given “to all who believe” (v. 22). Ethnicity does not matter. Both Jew and Gentile are sinners who fall woefully short of God’s glory (v. 23).

This justification is given freely to those who believe. But it has been purchased by Christ’s “sacrifice of atonement through the shedding of his blood” (v. 25) for sinners.

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