How’s About a (Mostly) Free Course on Doctrine??? (2nd Notice)

19 Jul

Friends: I’ve written four books over the last few years that I believe are worthy of an online course. Here are those four books:

If a total of ten to twelve sign up for this online course, we will study the first book, DocTALK, together for ten Sunday nights. We will meet every other Sunday night for one hour on Zoom beginning on September 5.

Although most of us appreciate what we’ve paid something for, there is no charge for this course. If you wish to make a donation, that money will be sent to Christian workers in Ethiopia or Myanmar.

You may purchase a copy of DocTALK directly from me for $10 or on Amazon. If you and a friend together sign up for this course, I will send each of you a copy of DocTALK free.

If this first course is “successful,” I would consider moving on to the next book (DocWALK) for the next online course.

Interested? I need ten to twelve signed up and committed to do this online course by August 15th. To sign up or to ask questions, email me at Or call me: 803-201-9745.

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