Twenty Questions about God’s “Rest” in Hebrews 4

06 Aug

1. What is that “rest”?
2. What is the “promise” of entering that rest?
3. How does one fall short of that rest?
4. How does obedience fit into this issue of God’s rest?
5. We who have believed enter that rest! (v. 3)
6. How does God’s resting on the 7th day relate to this topic?
7. There remains for some to enter that rest. (v. 6)
8. Some did not go in because of their disobedience.
9. How does “today” relate to this rest? (v. 7)
10. What is the rest that Joshua could have given them? (v. 8)
11. What is this Sabbath-rest for the people of God? (v. 9).
12. How does one “enter” God’s rest? (v. 10)
13. Does verse 10 show that this rest is salvation (= resting from one’s works)? (v. 10)
14. How is God’s creation rest a good metaphor for this salvation-rest? (v. 10)
15. What is the alternative to not making the effort to enter that rest? (v. 11)
16. What is meant by perishing in verse 11?
17. How are unbelief and disobedience related to one another? (v. 11)
18. What is the connection of this discussion of rest with the next few verses about the Word of God? (v. 12)
19. How does all this relate to Jesus as our great high priest? (vv. 14-16)
20. Is approaching God’s throne of grace with confidence another way of describing salvation — or the Christian life? (v. 16)

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