Pondering the Psalms: “Ten Truths about Having the Lord as Your Refuge (Psalm 3)”

25 Oct

4. Don’t forget to call out to Him! (v. 4).

5. God answers us when we cry out to Him (v. 4). How does He answer us today? (thru His Word!).

6. Get your rest — trusting the Lord to sustain you! (v. 5).

7. Do a comparison: tens of thousands assail you on every side VERSUS THE LORD!

8. Don’t hesitate to pray appropriate imprecatory prayers when necessary! (v. 7).

9. Affirm your faith in the Lord and in His deliverance (v. 8).

10. And don’t forget to pray for His blessing — for yourself and His people! (v. 8).

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Posted by on October 25, 2021 in Psalm 3


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