Bless-ed! 52 Blessings Your Lost Friend Doesn’t Have . . . And What You Can Do About It! (Part 1)

04 Jan

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently (always a bit dangerous for me) and I’ve come to certain conclusions. The catalyst for my ruminations is my friend Mike (not his real name) who is lost as lost can be.  Let me explain.

I came to know Mike as a result of one of my trips from South Carolina to New Jersey to speak in a church. This church invited me to come for ten days to speak on two successive Sundays and to meet with their leadership team to work together.

I am an avid tennis player. Notice — I did not say a good one. But I went to a local tennis club in NJ and met a really good player in his 80’s (I’ll be 72 in February). Mike has played in national tournaments and he and I got together each time I made the trek to NJ.

Mike was kind enough to take the short survey I used in my Unlike Jesus book about people who are “still on their way” to faith. With his permission I included his response to my questions in my book — and my response to his response. I have prayed for my friend Mike’s salvation almost every day without fail. You need to know that I try to be very careful in witnessing to those I know will be long-term or even life-long friends.

On my recent visit to NJ, Mike arranged for me to play tennis with a few of his friends and I began praying for an opportunity to share the gospel with him. I felt that he was a bit offended by my referring to him in my book as “lost” and “unsaved.”

We chatted a bit on the last day I could get together with him. I apologized to him for offending him with my language of “lost” and “unsaved” (without denying the truth of his “condition” before God). He said, “Well, that’s your opinion, Larry! Don’t worry about me. I’m fine!”

I was also able to say to him that the Lord is the answer to his loneliness (his wife passed away two years ago). And that was it. I’ll keep in touch with him and pray for him each day.

But this friendship got me thinking about what I enjoy as a believer and what my unsaved friends don’t have.

So I want to use this blog in our several posts to think about what my unsaved friends don’t have. This morning I want to suggest that . . .


My friend Mike doesn’t “feel” like he’s lost or unsaved. For many people their feelings are their final authority for what they believe. As a follower of Jesus, my authority is God’s Word, the Bible. And the Bible is quite clear in declaring the human person’s lostness before a holy, Triune God.

I’m grateful for God’s Word, especially because it tells me the truth about my need for forgiveness and God’s mercy. And I’m praying for my friend Mike that he would be convicted by God the Holy Spirit of his need of Christ.

How should I pray for my lost friend? I need to pray that he will stop trusting himself and get interested in what GOD says! (to be continued)


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2 responses to “Bless-ed! 52 Blessings Your Lost Friend Doesn’t Have . . . And What You Can Do About It! (Part 1)

  1. Anonymous

    January 4, 2022 at 11:00 am

    Enjoyed this! Been trying to witness more (and better), especially as I grow older. I think its tricky to find the balance between waiting for an opportunity (as they say) and coming right out with the truth – opportunity provided or not.

  2. Dr. Larry Dixon

    January 6, 2022 at 6:17 am

    Thank you for your comment, Anonymous, and for your kind words. Blessings! Dr. D.


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