A Ministry Update!

03 Apr

I’m so encouraged to be used by the Lord at my ripe old age of 72! Lin and I celebrated our 50th anniversary in September at the Grand Canyon! And I’m getting some great opportunities to write and speak. Here are a couple of ministries to pray with us about:

MY WRITING: I just finished my manuscript The Forgotten Third: Developing a Biblical Relationship with God the Holy Spirit. Hope it will be out this year.

I’ve almost completed a new work entitled Bless-ed! 52 Weekly Blessings You Have As A Believer
— and How to Help Your Lost Friends Find Theirs.
I’ve been posting some earlier versions of the chapters on my blog.

MY SPEAKING On April 3rd I get to do my third session via Zoom on my book DocWALK. It’s not too late to join us for our discussion if you wish. Just drop me an email. On April 18th I’m being asked to do some stand up comedy for my friend’s church in South Carolina! My son Brian and I took stand up lessons at the Comedy Zone in Charlotte several years ago.

I will also be teaching a short course to my Ethiopian brothers on my upcoming book Blessed! 52 Weekly Blessings You Have As A Believer— and How to Help Your Lost Friends Find Theirs. I am looking forward to interacting with them starting April 11 on that material for about five weeks.

On April 24th I get to preach in Jersey City, NJ! We’ll be going up there to celebrate Lin’s Mom’s 96th birthday. My friends at CMML are providing accommodations for us.

I’m teaching NT Greek to two of my NJ friends each month. We’re now into the wonderful world of participles!

I’m speaking at Camp Elim in Colorado in May. Please pray for my messages. The theme is “Family Values According to the Word of God.”

I get to preach via Zoom to my friends in New Jersey in June on the book of . . . wait for it . . . NUMBERS! Yes! A lot of work yet to be done, but a great book seldom preached on. I’m looking forward to doing a series for Mountain Ridge Bible Chapel in NJ in August. It will be my series on the book of Jude entitled “Living for Jesus in an Un-Christian World.” Sure appreciate your prayers!

Thanks for praying for us. I would really love to do a several session seminar in your church on Unlike Jesus: Let’s Stop Unfriending the World. This is a challenge to become a friend of sinners like Jesus was! Such an important topic. Just cover my travel expenses. Check with your church leadership? I’d be glad to send a couple of copies of the book to you for consideration.

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One response to “A Ministry Update!

  1. rojasrebecca99

    May 9, 2022 at 9:59 am

    Dr Dixon, I am thoroughly enjoying your book Unlike Jesus Let’s Stop Unfriending The World. This is one book I will continue to read just like my Bible. Thank you for your ministry! Rebecca R. Agape Worship Center International.


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