“STUNG! A Theophilus Hornby Mystery” (Ch. 1)

01 Jun

~~ Ch. 1 ~~
There it is again — a very faint sound. Or is it my imagination? Is it coming from my radio? Can’t be. Radio’s not even on. Is it possible?

He continued driving. He dreaded that sound more than just about any other on earth. Goosebumps immediately began to rise on his muscular, tattooed arms, giving him a chill as he listened hard. But the buzzing became louder and more terrifying. The sweat started to bead on his tanned forehead. He felt himself plunging into full-fledged panic.

“Oh, no! Please, God! It can’t be!,” he said outloud to himself. But all doubt was gone. And there was nothing he could do about it.

The luxury sedan swerved left and then right as he tried to elude the intruder. “I hate these things!”, he screamed a curse as he tried to keep the steering wheel straight.

But his terror overcame his caution as he sought in vain to fend off the unwelcome encounter that was destined — some might say predestined — to happen. The guardrail was no match for the 3715 pound Lexus as it tore through it like it was made out of paper. His blood-curdling scream was not heard by anyone on this lonely stretch of highway. At his rate of speed, the trajectory took him 25 feet past the crumpled guardrail, plunging him into a several second silence where the only sound was the rushing wind framing his desperate cry of “Noooooo!” Crashing into the rocky creek bed 150 feet below assured an unsurvivable event.


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