“STUNG! A Theophilus Hornby Mystery” (Ch. 5)

09 Jun

~~ Ch. 5 ~~
Detective Lance Ryland couldn’t understand how Delvaney, whose blood alcohol level was below .08, could have simply driven his Lexus over a cliff. “It just doesn’t make a lick of sense,” he said outloud to himself. “Unless he was swerving to avoid a deer or something, one might think he purposely did himself in!”

A routine autopsy was done on Delvaney’s body. Dr. Michael Stumpf was straightforward in his report. No detectible injuries pre-mortem. No evidence of a stroke or a brain abnormality. Injuries consistent with a major car accident. Nothing unusual about the victim’s death.

“What a fascinating read,” John Smith thought to himself. He had hacked into the coroner’s website and the post-mortem report on Delvaney. “Thankfully, they think it was an accident,” he muttered. “Not true at all. Nor was this a murder or a suicide. It was a justifiable homicide. An execution. A judgment. A biblical judgment.”

“Hey, Boss! You really think Bubba offed himself?!”, asked Butch Milano, one of Mike Slaughter’s “associates.” Slaughter controlled most of the illegal drug enterprise and all of the prostitution rings in Chicago.

“No way, Butch,” Milano said.

“Boss, Delvaney was just acquitted. He walks out of the restaurant after celebrating and then drives off a cliff. No skid marks. No evidence of another car banging into him.”

“I know. I know. I think someone was after him. Who were his enemies? Track down his cell phone records. Did he call anybody before he croaked? Nobody just found ‘not guilty’ drives himself off a cliff!”

“I’ll get right on it, Boss,” Butch said.


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