“STUNG! A Theophilus Hornby Mystery” (Ch. 21)

20 Jul

~~ Ch. 21 ~~
“How’s it going, Son?” Henry Delganey asked over the phone. “Classes going well?”

“They’re going great, Dad,” Michael said. “I’ve made a few friends. I’m getting really challenged to do my best in my studies.”

“That’s wonderful, Michael. What are the teachers like?”

“Dad, that’s one of the best parts of being here at FBC. The faculty really care about us students.”

“Good to hear, Michael,” said his father. “So it’s not just a lot of boring lectures and endless homework assignments?”

“There’s plenty of work to do, that’s for sure. But I’m talking about the teachers’ making themselves available for the students.”

Henry squeezed Miriam’s hand as they were listening to their son on their cell phone’s speaker. “Have you had any serious personal conversations with any of the faculty?” Henry and Miriam were concerned with Michael’s grief over the loss of his uncle.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I have. My favorite prof is a Dr. Theophilus Hornby. He teaches biblical studies.”

“Really?”, asked Michael’s mom. “But he’s spent some time with you?”

“That’s the great thing about it, Mom. We were talking in class about the after-life and what happens when people die without Jesus. And, well, Dr. Hornby pretty much laid in on the line.”

“What do you mean, Son?”, Henry asked.

“Dr. Hornby really knows the Scriptures and he showed us the awful truth that those who die without Christ are lost forever.”

“What happened then, Michael?”

“Well, Dr. Hornby could see that I was upset and approached me after class — and even had lunch with me the next day — to help me with my questions.”

“You’re referring to Uncle Bubba’s passing, right?”

Henry and Miriam had been praying every morning that Michael would find peace about that tragedy.

“Yes. And he sympathized with my sadness. But he didn’t water down or compromise the Bible’s teaching about eternal lostness. He did ask me a few questions about the accident.”

“Really?”, responded both parents in unison.

“And you know what I think? I think he’s going to do a bit of looking into Uncle Bubba’s car accident for himself.”

“It’s amazing how easy it is to wire tap someone’s phone,” John Smith said to himself. He had been listening to every word of their conversation. “Hornby, huh? I guess I’ll just have to look up this Hornby character.”


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