Some Details about My Ministry (Part 6)

30 Aug


It is such a privilege to know the Lord (by His grace) and to be serving Him. I thought it might be useful to take a few posts to share with you some of the ways the Lord is using me.

Geri Game Pixar Shorts GIF - Geri Game Pixar Shorts Take That GIFsDid you ever think that pursuing one of your hobbies could be ministry? Well, I play ONLINE CHESS. I lose internationally. But I get great opportunities to share the Lord with some of my chess friends. I’m able to text them and they can text me. My “handle” on the chess site is “theoprof,” so they ask me if I teach theology! Wow!

Would you pray for me that I would win and (more frequently) lose graciously, that I would be bold in sharing the Lord with some highly intellectual people, and that the Holy Spirit would do His work in the hearts of those with whom I share the gospel?  Thanks!

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Posted by on August 30, 2022 in ministry


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