“STUNG! A Theophilus Hornby Mystery” (Ch. 23)

04 Sep

~~ Ch. 23 ~~
Do I really believe that there are no accidents in life?, Hornby thought to himself. God uses human agents to fulfill His purposes. Human beings make choices. And their choices impact — sometimes catastrophically — the lives of others.

He was thinking about his student Michael who had lost his uncle to a car accident. I wonder if I could get access to the police report?, Hornby asked.

The next day Hornby called the Detroit/Fayetteville Police Department and his call was directed to Sargent Sanders.

“Yes, sir, can I help you?” Sanders said.

“Well, Sargent, I’m Dr. Hornby, a teacher at Faithful Bible College and I’m concerned about one of my students.”

“What seems to be the problem, Dr. Hornby?”

“My student is Michael Delganey and his uncle Bubba Delvaney died in a car accident last year. I’m just wondering if I could get a look at the police report?”

“Why would you want to see the report, Professor?”

“I’m just concerned about my student. Was the cause of the accident determined?”

“No, unfortunately,” Sanders said with what appeared to be a bit of embarrassment. “It looks like he just drove off the cliff. And there’s no evidence that he was considering suicide. So, we’ve had to close the case. But I have no problem with your looking over the report.”

“That’s great, Sargent. Would I be able to talk to the investigating officer?”

“Of course. But you might get more details from one of our deputies who wants to become a detective. Although that might be a bit of a challenge.”

“Why’s that, Sargent Sanders?” Hornby asked.

“Well, Officer Bondo is still in the hospital recovering from his own car accident.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. When did his car accident take place?”

“Oh, about a month after we had closed the Delvaney investigation. I’d be glad to give you Bondo’s room number at Bethesda Hospital.”

Sanders asked his secretary to make a copy of the police report and email it to Hornby. Hornby thanked the Sargent and hung up the phone.

After he received and reviewed the police report, Hornby got in his car and drove to Bethesda Hospital. He stopped at the nurses’ desk in the critical care unit and asked to see Officer Bondo.

“He might be sleeping, uh, Dr. Hornby was it?”

“Yes. I appreciate your help.”

“You can go in, Sir,” the nurse said. “He is awake and just finished his lunch.”

Hornby entered Bondo’s hospital room, hoping he could get some answers to his questions. He did not notice the large man sitting in the visitor’s lounge just across from Bondo’s room.

“Looks like we have another actor in this little drama,” John Smith said to himself. “This is getting a bit more complicated than I had hoped.”


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