Some Details about My Ministry (Part 16)

21 Sep


It is such a privilege to know the Lord (by His grace) and to be serving Him. I thought it might be useful to take a few posts to share with you some of the ways the Lord is using me.

I just got a phone call. From a telemarketer! Ugh. But I made a promise to the Lord a while back that I would try to WITNESS TO ANY TELEMARKETER who called me. Rather than hang up on them or push “delete” when your phone tells you “Possible Spam!”, why not share a bit of the gospel with them? Here’s how the conversation went a couple of minutes ago:

Me: “Hello?”

Telemarketer: “Mr. Dixon? My name’s Brian and I’m from the Auto Warranty Center. How are you?”

Me: “I’m fine, Brian. You?”

Telemarketer: “I’m fine. But it’s awfully hot here in California.”

Me: “We’re getting a lot of rain here in South Carolina. Say, Brian, this could be your most important phone call of the day.”

Telemarketer: “Really? Uh, why?”

Me: “Well, I understand how hard it is to do telemarketing. But I’m not really interested in what you’re selling. Can I tell you about a promise I made to the Lord a while back?”

Telemarketer: (moment of awkward silence) “Uh, sure.”

Me: “Brian, I promised the Lord I would ask any telemarketer that called me if they knew what the gospel is. Do you know what the gospel is?”

Telemarketer: “I WORSHIP SATAN!”

Me: “Really? Why?”

Telemarketer: “Why do YOU worship God?”

Brian then hung up. On me.

Please pray for me — that I would be wise in speaking with telemarketers and that the Lord would work in the hearts of those who call us. Thank you!

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