“It’s just sex!” The Folly of Fornication (Part 2)

22 Oct

Friends: I’ve been reading Proverbs 7 this week and I’ve been overwhelmed with the clarity of God’s perspective on sexual activity outside the covenant of marriage. Here’s a further section of Proverbs 7 and a few of my comments:

This woman has a plan! She is marked by “crafty intent” (v. 10). She is aggressive (v. 13). And, notice that in verse 14 she is religious! She pretends to have fulfilled her spiritual vows to the Lord and has even followed the practice of giving her fellowship offering to the Lord! There are some “leftovers” from that offering and she’s aware that most men are almost always hungry! Little does this young man realize that “Her house is a highway to the grave,
 leading down to the chambers of death.” (v. 27) (to be continued) . . .

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