With Friends Like These . . . Job’s Friends and Religious Foolishness (Introduction)

01 Dec

Friends: I want to begin a series on the book of Job. In looking over my posts, I just realized that I dealt with this subject back in 2014! But I’m hoping that this series of posts will eventually become my next book. So, please read my posts and provide any comments or questions that you have.

The first step for me in doing this study is to unit-read the book of Job. Unit-reading is reading straight through a book of the Bible in one sitting. Will you join me in doing this? Here’s a check box to remind you to unit-read the whole book! Would you drop me an email when you’ve unit-read the book of Job for our ongoing study? (

My next post will give a few reflections on what I’ve seen in trying to take in the book as a whole.

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