The Theology of Lauren Daigle! “Tremble!”

16 Mar

I think I’m in love. No, not with Lauren Daigle, but with her music! I’m deeply moved by her songs and think anyone who has ears and a brain and a heart ought to be as well. What I want to do in this series of posts is listen to and think about the theology her songs present. Comments welcome!

My comments:

I’ve been working my way through 2 Kings and idolatry played a major role in the kings of Israel and Judah. We’re no different today. Do we tremble at anything or anyone other than the Lord God Almighty? Have we surrendered to another god’s reign? Are we resting our hearts at any other home than our Heavenly Father’s?

We need to hear more messages on biblical trembling! And if you or I think that eternity will suffice to sing His praises, then OUR GOD IS SIMPLY TOO SMALL!

Any comments?

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