The Theology of Lauren Daigle! “You Say!”

18 Mar

I think I’m in love. No, not with Lauren Daigle, but with her music! I’m deeply moved by her songs and think anyone who has ears and a brain and a heart ought to be as well. What I want to do in this series of posts is listen to and think about the theology her songs present. Comments welcome!

My comments:

What’s most important in life? Knowing the Lord — and listening to what He says. About Himself. About you and me.

If the real God of the Bible exists, then it is in Him that we find our worth, our identity!

What’s the place of our belief? If we don’t believe what He says, we are calling God a liar and are missing out on the truth itself.

I’ve been reading the gospel of John with a few friends. Here’s an assignment: read the gospel of John in a Bible you don’t mind marking up. And circle every use of the word “believe.” You’ll be astounded!

Any comments?

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