The Theology of Lauren Daigle! “Look Up, Child!”

19 Mar

I think I’m in love. No, not with Lauren Daigle, but with her music! I’m deeply moved by her songs and think anyone who has ears and a brain and a heart ought to be as well. What I want to do in this series of posts is listen to and think about the theology her songs present. Comments welcome!

My comments:

Okay. Okay. These lyrics are a bit repetitive. But, sometimes that’s exactly what I need! When “darkness seems to win,” “when the world is crumbling,” “when all I feel is doubt” — that’s when I need to be reminded to look past myself, past the circumstances surrounding me!

He’s not threatened by war or the storm or our suffering. And the great thing about being a Christian is that He calls our name and He bids us to do one thing: to LOOK UP, CHILD!

Any comments?

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