Friends Don’t Let Friends . . . Die! (50 Questions on John 11) Questions 4-8

24 May


I’m doing a series on John 11 for Mountain Ridge Bible Chapel in New Jersey this August. What a great chapter! These posts will list some of the questions that occur to me in doing this study.

4. How dare we define how God’s LOVE ought to behave? Could it be that His LOVE allowed Lazarus to get sick and to remain sick and even to DIE before the Lord would act?
5. The text tells us twice that Jesus loved Lazarus (vv. 3, 5). Questioning His love = claiming to have greater knowledge or wisdom than God!
6. Does any disease “end in death” (v.4) (permanent death) for any believer? No!
7. How can a “sickness” be “for God’s glory” (v. 4)?
8. Why do we try to manage both WHAT God does and WHEN He does it (v. 7)? (to be continued)

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