Friends Don’t Let Friends . . . Die! (50 Questions on John 11) Questions 9-12

25 May


I’m doing a series on John 11 for Mountain Ridge Bible Chapel in New Jersey this August. What a great chapter! These posts will list some of the questions that occur to me in doing this study.

9. Why do we forget that the Bible is not a happy book with kind messages and joyful circumstances? It deals bluntly & realistically with sickness (v. 1) and death (Jn. 11)
10. We must get below the surface of some of Jesus’ statements. “This sickness will not end in death” (v. 4). BUT IT DID! So Jesus means something different with the word “death”!
11. Jesus knows why things happen to us! “it is for God’s glory . . .” (v. 4). But He is under no obligation to tell us! (Job never finds out!).
12. Sometimes God reaffirms His LOVE, especially when the circumstances shout that He doesn’t love us (v. 5) (to be continued)

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