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FOCUS! Keeping Our Eyes on Jesus in a Near-Sighted World (Part 5)

My optometrist friend says he doesn’t understand atheists. “If they only knew what I know about the human eye,” he says, “they would abandon their atheism in a New York minute!”

But one writer says, “The human eye is a highly evolved structure of our anatomy and has many coexisting and interdependent elements.” Evolved?

Let’s think about some fun facts on the eye:  The eye is the second most complex organ in our body (after the brain). Our eyes are made up of more than 2 million operational parts which can process 36,000 bits of information per hour! Human eyes are capable of focusing at 50+ things at any given second. Human eyes have the fastest lens known to mankind. They are way faster than any known camera lens. While camera lenses take a few seconds to focus on objects at different distances, human eyes can adjust focus almost instantly without any noticeable lag.

Human eyes are the only organs in whole body that NEVER rest. Their performance never alters even with non-stop functioning. However, the muscles controlling the eyes and eyelids need rest. It is because of this that eyes blink.
There are 107 million cells in a single eye that are sensitive to light. This means that there are 214 million photosensitive cells in two eyes.

The eye muscles are the strongest in our body; We blink 25,000 times a day; the human eye is an incredible organ that can distinguish over 10 million different colors. And — last fun fact — no human in this world can sneeze without closing eyes.

The sentence that struck me the most in the above description of the human eye was “Human eyes are capable of focusing at 50+ things at any given second.” In this post we want to think about how we lose our FOCUS on the Lord Jesus due to the many distractions in the world.

We all suffer spiritually from a condition we might call a kind of ADD — Attention Deficit Disorder. We are deficient in directing the primary attention of our lives toward the Lord Jesus. And it is a disorder. We come into life broken, needing salvation, and desperately lacking the fundamental determination to orient our lives around the Creator.

THREE DISTRACTIONS: Let’s think about the first of three distractions this morning. We know from Scripture that our three enemies are the world, the flesh, and the devil. How does the world distract us from focusing on the Lord Jesus? Easy. It throws at us enticing, pleasing, captivating visuals that are often hard to turn away from.

Babysitting three of our grandchildren the other day, I decided to put on a cartoon for them. They were mesmerized! They could not take their eyes off that show. And we adults are no better.

You need to know that I’m not anti-entertainment. But it’s hard to give our attention to Jesus when our eyes are glued to that rectangular object that gives off a blue glow.

May I ask you this morning — How much television do you “watch”? I’m reminded of Norman Cousins’ statement when he said, “When and if American civilization collapses, historians of a future generation will sneer, ‘They entertained themselves to death.’” (to be continued)

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