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Time for a Great Quote: Michael Horton on Christianity Is More Than Loving Others!

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Time for a Great Tozer Quote: The God of Modern Christianity

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Time for a Great Cartoon! (big picture people 2)

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Again, Watterson has communicated a profound philosophical concept via the medium of a cartoon! Post-modernity says that no one metanarrative is the correct one. A “metanarrative” is an overarching story, a viewpoint that says “this is reality.”

Why are we Christians surprised when we proclaim the gospel about Jesus and the story line of the Bible with clarity and certainty? The world — at least much of Western society — has bought into the lie that we can’t know the Big Story, that there is no Big Story, that we are all products of time + chance.

Everything matters — and matters greatly!  What I do with my next five minutes matters to God.  How I use my mind, my resources, my energy matters!  If the Christian metanarrative is THE TRUE STORY, then here are several conclusions I would draw:

"The Bible says!" (Billy Graham)

“The Bible says!” (Billy Graham)

1. All my actions, thoughts, attitudes, feelings, reactions, etc. must be evaluated in light of that Christian metanarrative.

2. If that metanarrative is indeed true, then people matter. And the Christian has the privilege (and the obligation) to attempt to persuade others of the cruciality of accepting the Christian story.

3. I need to grow in my understanding of the details of Christianity’s metanarrative. The primary source for grasping the many aspects of that story is, of course, the Scriptures, the Word of God.

4. I must be aware of numerous conspiracies to replace, refute, or ridicule the Christian metanarrative by counterfeit stories which take people away not only from eternity, but from right now.

I challenge you today to ask someone, “What is your metanarrative?”  And if you don’t want to use the word “metanarrative,” then ask them, “How do you see reality?  What’s it all about?”  (then carefully tell them about Jesus).

Your thoughts?

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