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C.S. Lewis on Responding to the Coronavirus!

I’m taking some liberties here, friends, but C.S. Lewis wrote something about how Christians should respond to . . . World War 2. But if you substitute “Coronavirus” for “the bomb”, there is a lot of wisdom in his statement.

Before I give you the C.S. Lewis quote, I must share a small bit of humor with you. I’m not being insensitive to those who have been afflicted with the virus, and certainly not to those who have died from it. But we all need a bit of lightheartedness in the face of such devastating circumstances.

Here are some of my thoughts:

1. Your sneeze has now become a lethal weapon!

2.  Christians are to greet one another with a holy hug or holy kiss. We’re now relegated to a fist or elbow bump.

3.  Social distancing — which is being recommended to all of us — is an introvert’s DREAM!

4.  With the news of Tom Hanks becoming infected, it gives new meaning to the expression “Run, Forest, Run!” (away from other people). And in his new movie about Mr. Rogers, “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” becomes “Mr. Rogers All By Himself”!

Here’s the C.S. Lewis quote. If you substitute “Coronavirus” for “bomb,” you’ll get the point. [By the way, Lewis didn’t capitalize TENNIS. I did].










Your thoughts?

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