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State Farm Should Be ASHAMED!

How can State Farm not be ashamed of this commercial?! It is obvious that the wife assumes her husband is on a sex phone line — “at 3 in the morning?” State Farm finds this commercial FUNNY?! And they think they’re going to entice people to buy their insurance?!

This is not a new commercial. This first aired in 2014! And back then I wrote the CEO of State Farm. And never heard back from him. And we have State Farm insurance!

Your thoughts?

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Commercials That Outrage Me! STATE FARM’s Soft Porn?


Please watch this commercial and tell me what you think:

Here’s some of the dialogue in this commercial:
“Yeah, I’m married.  Does it matter?”
“You’d do that for me?  Really?”
“Yeah, I’d like that!”
“Sounds like a really good deal.”
His wife then interrupts, grilling him about who he’s talking to at three in the morning.

How can one avoid the clear conclusion that his wife thinks he’s talking to someone on a pornography hotline?  And this is the skit State Farm uses to communicate the message that they are available 24 hours a day for questions?  What is our society coming to?


1.  Some might say I’m being prudish, puritanical, overly sensitive.  What do you think?

2.  Is marital unfaithfulness so common and men dabbling in pornography so rampant that some find this commercial humorous?  What actions, if any, do you think believers in Christ should take in this situation?  Any?



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