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Happy 49th Anniversary to Us!

Today is our 49th wedding anniversary! Wow, that’s a long time for Linda to put up with me! I tell people “49 years of marital bliss. 48 for me and one for her. And hers wasn’t all in a row, but scattered over all those years!”

Here’s to next year — our 50th! She wants to take me either to Wimbledon or the US Open Tennis Championships. (Maybe I will get to meet Rafa [whose body I’ve borrowed for my profile blog picture]).


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Our 47th Wedding Anniversary! WOW!

It is hard to believe, but Linda and I have been married 47 years! That’s a long time for her to put up with someone like me! There are so many reasons that I thank the Lord for my wife, but you might find the story of my proposing to her interesting.

We met at Emmaus Bible School (as it was called back then), located in a suburb of Chicago (it has since moved to a beautiful campus in Dubuque, Iowa). When we first met, I was entering my second year of the three-year program and she was a freshman. We met at the freshman retreat and yours truly fell head over heels in love with this young lady from New Jersey.

She and her friend Robin, for some inexplicable reason, decided to switch names for the first week of school. So my roommates mercilessly teased me when I lay in my bunk bed in the men’s dorm moaning, “Robin! O Robin!” (my wife’s name is Linda).

Pretty soon she took pity on me and we began dating each other. Although it took her a bit longer than me to realize that we would be life partners, we began making plans to get married after I finished my third year at Emmaus.

Her mother gave us an engagement ring that had been in the family for quite a while. We took it to a local jeweler’s to have the diamond put into another setting. The jeweler told us that it would be three weeks before it was ready. So my official proposal had to wait.

What Linda didn’t know was that the jeweler called me to say that the ring was ready about a week early. I picked it up and began to plan “the proposal.” At the time I was playing second string on Emmaus’ basketball team and Linda was the best-looking cheerleader for the school. I decided I would propose to her at half-time. On the court. In front of the twenty people who came to see our game.

At halftime we were losing to the other school by seventy (that’s “7” followed by a “0”) points. The mood was ruined. I kept the ring in my pocket and we headed back to the school after the game.

There was a small coffee shop just a block from the school where we would occasionally go and split a piece of apple pie. As we were walking down the street, the ring was burning a hole in my pocket and I made my mind up.

I pulled Linda into a dark alley (just before the coffee shop) and asked her, “Will you marry me?” She started to laugh. “Why are you laughing?” I said. “You don’t have the ring! It’s not ready for another week or two!”, she said. I then realized the ring was still in my pocket. I pulled it out, held it in front of her, got on one knee, and asked the question a second time.

She began to scream. In a dark alley. Outside Chicago. I think she said “Yes!”, because we then went to the coffee shop where I got the whole piece of pie. But the best was — I got Linda!


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Our 45th Wedding Anniversary!

Wow! 45 years ago today this young, beautiful girl from New Jersey said “I do” to me. I’ve got witnesses!

What a road it’s been. From our serving as missionaries in Germany to going through several large tragedies (losing our house to a fire in 2003, almost losing our son to a car accident, Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 6.34.50 AMa recent loss of my teaching position) to great joys and times of rejoicing, this young lady has stuck with me through thick and thin. (She didn’t realize I would become a bit thicker than the 137 pounds I weighed when we got married!).

Her vibrant love of the Lord has inspired these four and a half decades.  From our meeting each other in Bible college in 1969 to thoroughly enjoying our six grandchildren, Linda has stood by my side, encouraging me to follow the Lord with all my heart!

God has given us a rich life together — I look forward to the next 45 years!



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Forty-Three Things I Love about My Wife of 43 Years!

FirefoxScreenSnapz627Today (June 5th) is our 43rd wedding anniversary! KeynoteScreenSnapz141 So I spent some time thinking about my wonderful wife Linda.  Here are some of her qualities that jumped out at me:

  1.  Her sense of humor
  2.  Her love language of giving
  3.  Her absolute commitment to the LordPreviewScreenSnapz053
  4.  Her heart for broken people
  5.  Her entrepreneurial spirit
  6.  Her industriousness
  7.  Her innate sense of direction
  8.  Her professionalism in her job
  9.  How cute she looks driving her miniCooper convertible
  10.  Her support of me in my ministry
  11.  Her encouragement for me to be active in sports (within limits)
  12.  Her steadfastness in the face of life’s challenges (house fire, heart surgery, etc.).
  13.  Her commitment to personal fitness
  14.  Her enthusiasm when she gets a PreviewScreenSnapz055bargain at a garage sale
  15.  Her excitement when she gets a good buy at Loft or Ann Taylor
  16.  Her love of almond chocolate coconut ice cream from Bruster’s
  17.  Her enjoyment of sharing a good steak, sweet potato, and Caesar’s salad from Outback
  18.  Her love of her mother
  19.  Her absolute affection for her four grandchildren
  20.  Her ability to bring out the best in me
  21.  Her belief that prayer really matters — and makes a difference
  22.  Her enjoyment of whomping me at Scrabble
  23.  Her absolute love of black cherries
  24.  Her desire to take a cruise to Alaska
  25.  Her openness to God’s leading in her life
  26.  Her ability to laugh at herself (using Raid to polish the dining room table — she didn’t have her glasses on)
  27.  Her love of black licorice
  28.  Her sheer pleasure in going to the beach
  29.  Her love of tradition (a trip to Charleston must include crispy flounder at Hyman’s followed by a couple of praline cookies down the street)
  30.  Her love of a serious cup of coffee (Starbucks, please)PreviewScreenSnapz054
  31.  Her unconditional love for “adopted” family members
  32. Her longing to see others walk with Christ.
  33.  Her growing in her own faith.
  34.  Her commitment to exercise in her sixties!
  35.  Her love of Trader Joe’s salad dressing
  36.  Her longing that her children and grandchildren become people of faith.
  37.  Her penchant for finding new places in the house to lose her glasses.
  38.  Her compassion for the broken and bruised.
  39.  Her joy in giving to others.
  40.  Her love of a good bargain.
  41.  Her hearty — and honest — laughter at her husband’s humor when he preaches.
  42.  Her ability to talk to anyone about almost anything.
  43. Her joy in growing old(er) with me.

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