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The Confession of an Atheist! (Time for a Great Quote)

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Writer’s block!


As some of you know, I’m on study leave this semester from my teaching duties at Columbia International University Seminary and School of Ministry (we have pretty large bumper stickers).

After serving two weeks on the OM ship Logos Hope in Singapore and Thailand, I have the rest of the semester to pursue a number of writing projects.  Here are a few of them:

1.  “Twelve Atheists Who Have Trusted Christ”:   I’ve been working on the first chapter of this book and it is tentatively entitled “C.S. Lewis: Mere Atheist.”  I’ve got a few contacts to pursue, but if you know of any believers who wandered for a while in atheism before trusting Christ, I’d appreciate contact information.

2.  “Saved!  Rescued from God, by God, and for God.”  This manuscript is with my agent waiting to be pitched to publishers.  I’m really excited about this one which is about 98% finished.  The chapter titles are:  LOST, LOVED, LURED, LEARNING, LABELED, LIBERATED, and LAUNCHED.  The Epilogue is quite challenging and is entitled LOATHED!

3.  “One-Year DocDEVOS”:  Some of you may know that one KeynoteScreenSnapz065of my earlier books is called “DocDEVOS: Ten-Minute Daily Devotionals on the Great Doctrines of the Christian Faith.”  There are ten areas of doctrine in Christian theology, and the original DocDEVOS covered only the first three areas (in yellow).  I want to write devotionals for the other seven areas.  The total number of devotionals would be about 300-325.  A friend of mine refers to my original DocDEVOS as a “kind of Daily Bread with teeth.”

4.  “Working Out Your Own . . . Faith”:  I have already developed five of these theological workbooks.  These are lay-flat, fill in the blank, self-studies of the ten areas of theology.  I’m very enthused for this project.  I believe most Christians would enjoy going through these Workbooks and working out their own understanding of the truths of the Scriptures.  This proposal is also with my agent.

Microsoft PowerPointScreenSnapz0025.  “DocTALK” and “DocWALK” and “Heaven: Thinking Now about Forever”:  I want to check into the possibility of having these earlier books republished, perhaps with some added material (such as study questions).  DocTALK is a survey of all then areas of Christian theology and DocWALK asks the questions, “How do we put these truths into practice.  When Temptation Strikes is a study of both temptation and sin, suggesting a number of strategies in not simply avoiding sin, but of moving on in godliness.

There are other projects that I am working on, but I value any feedback from any of you on these works.  Thanks.  Larry


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2014 Study Leave!

Whoppee!  I’m on study leave.  A study leave (sometimes called KeynoteScreenSnapz026a “sabbatical”) is a semester with no teaching responsibilities at my seminary (Columbia International University Seminar and School of Ministry [our cheers at basketball games last longer than the games — “Give me a ‘C’!, etc.]).

A faculty member can apply for a study leave every 3 and 1/2 years or so and it must be approved.  For us at CIU, we are expected to engage in some form of cross-cultural ministry, and that’s part of the reason that I will be serving on an OM ship in Southeast Asia for a couple of weeks.  I’ve had a couple of study leaves at CIU and have been privileged to teach in India, Sri Lanka, and Moldova (a small and poor country in Russia).

Apart from my ministry in Southeast Asia this study leave, I have a bunch of writing projects that I want to complete.  I’m going to take a few of these blogs to describe some of my projects.

KeynoteScreenSnapz030The first project I need to complete is my book on Twelve Atheists Who Have Trusted Christ.  I have a book contract from Christian Focus Publishers in Scotland and need to work hard on this project.

My first chapter in the book is going to be entitled “C.S. Lewis: Mere Atheist.”  So, I’ll be researching Lewis’ journey through atheism to the gospel.

If you know of someone who would say they were atheistic before they believed the gospel, I would appreciate contact information.


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Calling all former atheists!



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What Are You Working on Now?

Sometimes I have friends or colleagues ask me, “What are you working on now?”  It’s a great question — one that assumes I’m trying to stay active and productive for the Kingdom.  And I really do want my life to count for the Lord.  For those interested, here are several projects that are keeping me out of trouble!


“Iron Sharpens Iron” Conference 2013

1.  I have the great privilege again this year of participating in Emmaus Bible College’s “Iron Sharpens Iron” conference.  The theme of the conference this year is “Defending the Gospel” and our plenary speaker is D.A. Carson.  You can learn about the conference here.  The workshops that I am doing are entitled “Abandon All Hope: Let’s Stop Being Embarrassed about Hell!”, “Made for another World: The Gospel and the Loss of Transcendence”, “None Dare Call it Heresy: Substitute Gospels and Their Evangelists,” “Whose Job is it? Defending the Gospel in a Postmodern, Truth-Decayed Culture” and descriptions can be found here.

FirefoxScreenSnapz1262.  I have had a contract for a book entitled something like Twelve Atheists Who Have Trusted Christ for a while — and I really need to make some progress on that project!  My plan is to interview a wide variety of people who would describe themselves as former, serious atheists who came to believe the Good News about Jesus and moved from death to life!  Know anyone I should interview?

3.  This summer I have several workbooks I want to complete.  I’ll be teaching my course “Eternal Destinies” in the Fall semester, so I want to produce something that would help my students understand and respond to the views of heaven and hell held by several world religions (Islam, Judaism, Buddhist, Hinduism) and a variety of cults (Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Unitarian Universalists, etc.).  We will also look at some of the so-called “Evangelical” re-tooling of the doctrine of eternal lostness (such as Sharon Baker’s Razing Hell: Rethinking Everything You’ve Been Taught About God’s Wrath and Judgment and Rob Bell’s Love Wins).

4.  One of the great privileges of my teaching career has been that of co-teaching a course entitled “The Integration of Theology and Psychology” with Dr. Allan  FirefoxScreenSnapz127McKechnie.  We’re both going to be developing a workbook for the Fall offering of this course.  The ten areas of systematic theology (technically known as Prolegomena, Bibliology, Theology Proper, Christology, Anthropology, Hamartiology, Soteriology, Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology) provide the outline for the course.  The great thing about this course is that I get all the free counseling that I want — but it is from counseling students!

5.  My first novel, entitled Abandon All Hope: A Novel about Lostness, will be available in a KeynoteScreenSnapz106couple of weeks.  This is new territory for me, but I believe I’ve produced a good story.  It’ll be less than 50 pages long and I will be selling copies for $5 + postage to any who would like to read some “theological fiction”!  Let me know if you’re interested.

What are some projects that you are working on?

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CARTOON MONDAY! Quite a gamble!

This summer I’ll be working on a book tentatively entitled Twelve Atheists Who Trusted Christ. Here’s a cartoon that illustrates the attitude of some when it comes to belief in God.

1. What do you find alarming about this cartoon?
2. What would you say to this couple if you met them after the church service?


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