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Color in Your Life — Time for a Great Commercial!

Wow. Talk about going to a lot of trouble to demonstrate the retinal display of an Iphone! I’m impressed with how many actors are running around in colorful coveralls.

Some do a great job of flipping and somersaulting. I’m especially impressed with the guy in yellow who jumps off a bridge into a crowd!

We do need to “make room for color” in our lives! Would that be one way you would describe the Lord’s presence in your life?

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Posted by on February 24, 2019 in television commercials


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Is There COLOR in Your Life? (Time for a Great Commercial)

This commercial is amazing — And it’s an advertisement for paint! But it does cause me to ask: “Is there color in my life?”  The grayish, drab disciple is a contradiction in terms.  We are to be contagiously joyful, full of that abundant life that Jesus promised.  There should be an enthusiasm in living out the lives that Jesus has given us.

I met an elderly lady the other day (“elderly” is becoming more and more a relative term for me) who said she believed in God but not in all the claims about Jesus.  She said she just didn’t feel “the need.”  I must say that she was a joyful, colorful person.  But without Jesus.  And that was sad.  What kind of life is that — having a measure of joy but no Jesus?

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Posted by on October 29, 2018 in joy


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