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Are Computers MALE or FEMALE?

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My Deepest Apologies, My Friends!

Wow! My computer got into some water and we were separated for several days. I thought I had enough posts ready to go, but I’ve been scheduling them for the New Year. Please forgive me! You’ve certainly seen enough of my post on the Holy Spirit and Preaching!

But there is a point to this tragedy. I am a creature of habit and my morning ritual for years has been: get up early, make myself a cup of Starbucks, sit with my laptop and my dog Scrabble, and work on “stuff.” Usually my schedule has been: (1) check my email; (2) make my chess moves (I have about 15 games going. I lose internationally!); (3) look at my post for today; (4) prepare a new post.

Without my laptop, that schedule was all messed up. I still had my cup of Starbucks, but then just sat in my recliner staring at the dog (the original laptop). I’d check my emails via my Iphone, maybe make a few chess moves on its tiny screen. And then just sit there and stare at the dog.

Routines can be beneficial, but I found myself going through a kind of withdrawal. I called the computer place several times to check on the repair. I think they were glad when they could finally give me my Macbook back with twice the RAM and a new solid state hard drive. It’s wonderful. We’re back together. Life is returning to normal.

Hopefully in the New Year I can become less dependent on my routine. Maybe. My dog Scrabble seems happy not to be stared at. But right now I need to make some chess moves. Have a good day!


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