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With Friends Like These: Job’s Friends and Religious Foolishness! (Part 1)

We’re beginning a new series at our church. The Pastor and I Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 5.29.13 AMplan on covering the whole book of Job.  I begin this coming Sunday with introducing the book of Job and going over the first three chapters.

Here’s the outline that I will be following:

I.  Job’s Distress (chs. 1-3)

A.  Job’s Character (1:1-5)

B. God’s Challenge and Satan’s 1st Attack (1:6-19)

C.  Job’s Response (1:20-22)

D.  God’s 2nd Challenge and Satan’s 2nd Attack (2:1-7)

E.  Job and Mrs. Job (2:8-10)

F.  Job’s Silent Sympathetic Friends (2:11-13)

G.  Job’s Lament (ch. 3)

If you have not heard Pastor John Piper’s excellent poem on the book of Job, you can hear the first part (read by Dr. Piper) here.



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