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Digital Detox! A Challenge!

“For the majority of human history, people lived without the distractions of endless shows to stream or never-ending scrolls on devices glued to their faces that never turn off and never cease to distract. While there are many enjoyments to be had in this digital age, we largely don’t need any of them.

The effect of being connected to thousands of people on our phones is a neglect of the people living under our roof and next door. We are missing out on enriching relationships with people who could be part of the network and support system we need to bear our burdens, know us, and be known by us. I would start by deleting social media apps from your phone and restricting this kind of engagement to mornings or evenings.

From there I would suggest unsubscribing from most cable, dish, and streaming platforms. No one needs to have the appetite for television at the level many of us have today. It should give us pause that today someone can consume seasons of a TV show in a few days that a previous generation took many years to enjoy. The time gained from spending less time with our phones and shows can be better spent cultivating relationships with flesh and blood human beings.” (from Redeeming Warriors by Josh Holler)

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