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Babylon Bee: How Critical Is God’s Word?

In a rare instance, this Babylon Bee did not include any essay after the provocative picture. But I can’t resist adding my two cents’ worth! Those serious about Bible study are familiar with two terms: exegesis and eisegesis. The second term “eisegesis” means to read into the Bible what WE want to be there. This approach to Scripture is summed up nicely by the ditty:

“Wonderful things in the Bible I see

When they are put there by you and me!”

If you or I write a paper for a Bible class and the prof returns it with the words, “This is the best example of eisegesis I have ever seen!”, that is not a compliment and you should not be surprised with the grade of “F” written in red across your title page.

Exegesis, on the other hand, is literally the leading out of what is there. In other words, it is allowing the Scripture to make its own point. We want our papers and our articles and our preaching to be exegetical! Even when such work contradicts our already-formed opinions!


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