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Why Shouldn’t the World Think Us WEIRD? (A Study of I Peter 1:8-9) Part 1

My friend Frank and I are now going through I Peter. This is our read-the-same-chapter-every-day-for-a-week online Bible study which I’ve described here. We’re making great progress going through the epistles of the New Testament. But the following passage from I Peter really got me thinking:

Please forgive my underlining and bolding and changing colors, but these two verses kind of hit me between the eyes. And they help me not to be so surprised when the world looks at me funny and thinks I need medication or a lengthy stay in a mental hospital.

I. We Love What We Do Not See!

Jesus-followers love the One they presently do not see and have never seen. Visibility is over-rated, don’t you think? We so often “live by sight” and not “by faith.” We have many reasons to love the Lord Jesus, but the experience of seeing Him right now with our own eyes isn’t one of them. We have good historical evidence of others who saw Him and their view of themselves and the world was never the same. I think of John who wrote:

John is quite empirical in this text, isn’t he? He speaks of Christ as One “which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at.” He is “the life [which] appeared.” And he says “we have seen it” and it “has appeared to us.” And, once more for good measure, he says, “We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard . . .” Though we presently are to walk by faith and to love the One we do not see right now, He WAS SEEN. John could not have given stronger empirical testimony to the reality of the Lord Jesus! And we are to love this One Whom we presently do not see. (to be continued) [you might enjoy my Calvin & Hobbes cartoon on this issue found here].

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The Theology of Calvin . . . and Hobbes (Believing in What One Cannot See)

Empiricism is “the doctrine that all knowledge is derived from sense experience.” “What our senses do not acknowledge isn’t real,” today’s rationalistic unbeliever says. But there is so much more that doesn’t meet the eye! And our faith is not blind belief. It is based on historical (and empirical) evidences of God’s existence and love!


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Time for a Great Cartoon (no-see-ums)

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 5.30.19 PM

When empiricism is declared to be the only legitimate way to “know” things, life becomes incredibly limited, doesn’t it? What if there’s another world, a world that has impinged upon our world in history, but one which doesn’t presently show itself to our five senses?

The realm of history gives us truth based on the eyewitness testimony of others. We can’t “see” Abraham Lincoln, but we have good and sufficient reasons to believe he existed. What if God showed up in history — and what if we had reliable eyewitnesses to that fact?

Faith is not gullibility.  One’s faith is only as reliable as the object or Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 6.59.16 AMperson in which that faith is placed.  Christians have placed their faith in a historically-verifiable, flesh-and-blood person called Jesus.  And HE defines reality!

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