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Doing a little research, I found out that Christian women of a past generation did not use lipstick, nail polish, or eyebrow paint.  In fact, prostitutes used these items!  In 1770 a bill was introduced into the English Parliament with the following provisions:

“That all women of whatever age, rank, profession, screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-6-42-38-amor degree, whether virgins, maids, or widows, that shall, from and after such Act, impose upon, seduce, and betray into matrimony, any of His Majesty’s subjects, by the scents, paints, cosmetic washes, artificial teeth, false hair, Spanish wool, iron stays, hoops, high-heeled shoes, bolstered hips, shall incur the penalty of the law in force against witchcraft, and like misdemeanors and that the marriage, upon conviction, shall stand null and void.”


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