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A Cure for BBS (“Broken Brain Syndrome”)

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I suffer from a condition called BBS. I’ve created the term for this malady because I think many of us are afflicted by it. BBS stands for “Broken Brain Syndrome.” I’m not talking about some head injury that I’ve sustained. I’m talking about how my thinking is often distracted, confused, unfocused, muddled, and unspiritual.

But I’ve found the cure for BBS. It’s here in Hebrews 3 where the writer says, “Fix your thoughts on Jesus!” I need my thoughts fixed. How about you?

Three Steps in Curing BBS (Getting Your Thoughts “Fixed”) from Hebrews 3:

1. Take responsibility for your own thinking! The writer — guided by the Spirit of God — wouldn’t have commanded us to “fix” our thoughts if there weren’t the opportunity and power for us to do so. We must take charge — by the power of the Holy Spirit — of our minds, our thoughts, what we ponder on and ruminate about. And, by the way, the command is to fix “your” thoughts. I’m not responsible for what others think. I’ve got some mechanical work of my own to do. And I need to get to it.

2. Marinate your mind of the Person of Jesus Christ! We’re to soak our minds on who the Lord Jesus is. And in this passage He is “our apostle and high priest” (v. 1). He is the One who was “faithful to the one who appointed him” (v. 2). He is the One who is “worthy of greater honor than Moses” (v. 3). He is the builder of God’s house and is God Himself (v. 4). He is the Son over God’s house (v. 6).

3. Don’t Ignore the Things That Will Break You Mentally! If we need to “fix” our thinking, the assumption is that something is broken with our thinking. The writer here in Hebrews 3 points out what those brain-breakers are. I count three: (a) spiritual wavering. We are told in verse 6 that we are His house “if indeed we hold firmly to our confidence and the hope in which we glory.” We are to “hold firmly.” Not let go. Not have a weak and distracted grip. We are to hold on to what we know to be true with a biblical tenacity and an uncompromising hope. (b) The second brain-breaker I see is unbelief. We are commanded not to “harden our hearts” (v. 8). We are warned by the history of Israel’s rebellion. And their issue was that their hearts were “always going astray” (v. 10). The believers here in Hebrews 3 are directly addressed: “See to it, brothers and sisters, that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart” (v. 12). (c) The third brain-breaker I see here is a hardening by sin’s deceitfulness (v. 13). Believers in Jesus are completely susceptible to the hardening effects of sin! And we deceive ourselves if we think otherwise! The writer challenges us “do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion” (v. 15). We choose to allow our hearts to be hardened. Worse than that, WE harden our own hearts by not believing God and by determining to go our own way!

A testimony: I could give examples of where I’ve failed to fix my thoughts on Jesus, but we sometimes see BBS better as we look at others. And grieve for them. People I care deeply about have abandoned their spouses, gotten involved romantically and intimately with a wrecker of their household, and are defending their disastrous choices by statements like: “I deserve to be happy.” “I’m on my own spiritual journey and my God is supporting me in my decisions.” “I’ve been spiritually abused for decades and I’m just DONE.” “I have no desire to salvage my marriage. But my God knows what I’m going through.”

Can you weep with me over these two real situations? And will you choose to “fix your thoughts on Jesus”?


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