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Time for a Great Commercial: Protection from MAYHEM!

Would you say you are facing some kind of MAYHEM in your life right now? How good to know the Lord who promises, “though I walk through the valley of death, Thou art with me!”

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Time for a Great Commercial! (YOU’RE COVERED!)

You gotta love the commercials that incorporate T-Rexs to sell insurance (Geico has the Kracken on the golf course)! The message of this commercial is “you’re covered!” And — “At Mercury, we’re on a mission to save you money!”

Yes, that’s exactly the message I would get from this commercial.  Right.

"I want to bring catastrophe upon your trophies!"

“I want to bring catastrophe upon your trophies!”

No, I would want to know, “Is that T-Rex still around?” If he came back to my house to attack a second time, I wouldn’t be nearly that calm about my insurance coverage!

If you’re a believer in Jesus, the Good News is “you’re covered!” But you’re not guaranteed immunity from tragedy or catastrophe or disaster.

Christ isn’t on a mission to “save you money,” but to save your everlasting soul. And we don’t pay and can’t pay any premiums to get that kind of coverage. The premium has been paid!

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