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Getting to Know . . . 2 Samuel! (1:17-27) Mourning a Great Loss!

We have lost the ability to lament, haven’t we? David laments the loss of Saul and his son Jonathan in our text this morning. His grieving is so deep that he composes this “lament of the bow” which he ordered the people of Judah to learn.

“How the mighty have fallen!”, David says. And he does not want the sad news proclaimed lest the daughters of the Philistines rejoice.

He calls out for a drought on the mountains of Gilboa as he thinks about Saul’s shield never being used again. Both Jonathan’s bow and Saul’s sword will no longer be used against Israel’s enemies.

David describes Saul and Jonathan as loved and admired in life, swifter than eagles, stronger than lions (v. 23). He calls on the daughters of Israel to weep for Saul who provided luxurious clothing for them.

Mourning the deaths of Saul and Jonathan

He then mourns the death of his friend Jonathan, one who was very dear to David. He says that Jonathan’s love was “more wonderful than that of women” (how sad that the homosexual agenda has to sexualize that statement) (v. 26).

David concludes his lament by saying “How the mighty have fallen! The weapons of war have perished!” (v. 27)

Some takeaways for me:
1. Even though Saul was David’s enemy, David mourns Saul’s death. There is a time to grieve, even for one’s enemies.
2. We have lost the ability of lamenting. We need to take the time to grieve, to mourn, the loss of loved ones, the bad choices others have made (or are still making), the missed opportunities to serve the Lord.
3. I have much to learn about deep friendships — with other men.

Got time to mourn today? Feel free to leave a comment below on the topic of your grieving.

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The Joy of Unit-Reading #27 (the book of Ruth)

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that unit-readingScreenshot 2016-01-26 06.31.05 is reading straight through a book of the Bible. I’ve been making some progress in doing just that, and today’s book is the Old Testament book of Ruth.

I’m very weak in the Old Testament, so I’m thankful that I could unit-read Ruth.  What strikes me here is the pain that Naomi experienced and how the Lord gives her the freedom to lament that pain without punishing her.

May I ask you — what pain are you going through?  Do you believe God is big enough to handle your hurts and despair?  He is!

Your thoughts?

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A Call to LAMENT!

One of the courses I taught this semester is entitled “Theological Methods and Issues.”  This was a weekend course, meaning that it met one weekend a month for four months.  We discussed all kinds of theological topics and the students produced two major research papers.  One was on a cultural issue (such as gun control in North America); the other on a global issue (such as theological factors in global poverty).

Some of the papers were outstanding and I’ve encouraged the students to seek publication.  I will be sharing some of those papers on this blog.

Please take the time to read these papers.  You will be challenged and encouraged in your walk with Christ!

The first paper I’m posting is on the biblical topic of LAMENT.  What is the place of mourning, expressing our sense of loss, pleading with the Lord for His intervention, in our culture?  Please feel free to post your comments which I will pass on to the student researchers.



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