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My Upcoming Preaching Engagements!

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New Book Available! “Saved! Rescued from God, by God and for God”

I’m real excited that I have finished my latest book! It’s on the great topic Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 7.27.09 AMof salvation!

What in the world does it mean to be “saved”? Our post-Christian world looks at an old bumper sticker like the one that says “JESUS SAVES!” and responds, “Well, I guess we should be thrifty too!” The Bible makes it quite clear that God is holy and we aren’t — and we’re in a lot of trouble. We learn that Jesus came to rescue us from God’s wrath, to pay the debt we owed a holy God, to draft us into His army to go rescue others.

This book looks at the Bible’s teaching on salvation from seven different perspectives: LOST, LOVED, LURED, LEARNING, LABELED, LIBERATED, and LAUNCHED. A strange epilogue entitled LOATHED completes the book. Ideal for small group study, Saved! is written for new believers and older believers who need to be reminded of God’s rescue — and how we ought to respond to the saving work of Jesus.

IScreen Shot 2014-10-03 at 2.24.06 PMn about a week, you’ll be able to order this from — or — you can order it from me right now!  The cost is only $10 and that includes shipping.  If interested, send a check made out to me to our address:  117 Norse Way, Columbia, SC 29229 and Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 2.25.54 PMI’ll get one right out to you (signed, if you want).  You can also pay us through PayPal.  Our PayPal account is

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My first short novel “Abandon All Hope” is now available!

My first novel, Abandon All Hope, is now available on Amazon and can be ordered herePreviewScreenSnapz083.

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