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Pondering the Psalms (Psalm 1, Part 5)

My friend Frank and I have an agreement, a covenant, which we have followed for several years. We read the same chapter in God’s Word each day for a week and then drop each other a short email about what we have learned. We then move to the next chapter the next week. I describe our modest online Bible study here. You might want to try this with a friend or relative.

We’ve now embarked on a journey of reading through the book of Psalms! So this week we’re reading Psalm 1 each day for a week, then on to Psalm 2, etc. Whew! I’ll post a few comments on our Psalm of the week that I pray will be an encouragement to you.

Let’s think about verse two for a little while.

1. Although the Psalm began with some negatives in the Christian life, we now are challenged with a strong positive: “but whose delight is in the law of the Lord . . .” Doesn’t “delight” surprise you a bit? In place of siding with the wicked and the mockers, the blessed person has something he or she can really rejoice in — God’s law!

2. But what if a person doesn’t “delight” in God’s law? If God’s law refers to His truth, His guidance about what is honorable and worthy of praise, how could one not delight in it? If one’s delight is wasted on anything else, what does that say about that person?

3. But notice also that one’s delight in God’s law is acted on. How? By meditating on God’s law day and night! We focus on what we delight in, don’t we? “Delighting in” means we esteem something greatly. And what we esteem greatly we think about, we ponder, we mediate on.

Today’s Challenge: Would you say you “delight” in God’s law, in His truths? Does that lead you to take the time to meditate on what He has revealed to us? If not, why not?

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