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The Problem of PAIN!

When I was a wee lad (shortly after all the dinosaurs had passed away on planet earth), whenever I would get a scrape, my mom would reach for the Mercurochrome!  Man, did that orangey-colored medicine sting when applied with the glass little rod to the cut or scrape.  We dreaded getting that treatment, but we knew that it was part of the healing.

Mercurochrome is no longer FDA-approved due to the presence of mercury in it!  (Likewise, mercury thermometers are on their way out as well.  How I enjoyed playing with those cool quicksilver globules when the thermometer “accidentally” broke!).

I actually made a fair amount of money as a kid selling CLOVERINE BRAND SALVE to my neighbors and relatives!  Anyone remember CLOVERINE BRAND SALVE?

Sorry, I’m just a bit nostalgic today.

Anyway, the hurts and scrapes of life cry out for medicine and healing, don’t they?

If you’re a believer in Jesus, are you finding that He is indeed the “balm of Gilead”?  That He is able to soothe your pain, and do something useful with your hurts?

If you’re not yet a believer in Jesus, may I ask you where you go when life hurts, and hurts badly?  There really is SALVE-A-TION in Jesus (sorry for the pun)!

Your thoughts?


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