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Some Reflections on My Trip to Singapore and Thailand (Part 2)


Many of you know that I spent the last two weeks serving on an OM (“Operation Mobilization”) ship, the Logos Hope.  We stayed for a week in Singapore, then sailed for three days where the ship is now docked in Bangkok, Thailand.

The 400 or so crew members are mostly young people who have committed themselves to serving the Lord on the ship for anywhere from three months to two or three years.  They come from about 50 nations and serve Jesus by running a major book fair on the ship, doing children’s ministries on shore, and sometimes digging wells and other such acts of love in the name of the Lord.

I was privileged to share about four devotionals to the whole crew and then teach four sessions on the topic of temptation and sin (see ship’s tv announcing my sessions).FirefoxScreenSnapz294  I had some great conversations with the men on sexual temptations and with several of the women on topics as wide-ranging as theological education and raising a Christian family.

Reflection #2:  The Largeness of Our World:
I was once again reminded how large our world is and how critical its many needs.   I stood outside the MRT transit system in Singapore and watched thousands as they exited their trains and entered the rather expensive mall by the port where the Logos Hope was docked.  How many of those people have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?  How many know that in Him their sins can be forgiven?

FirefoxScreenSnapz295The sheer distance I traveled from Columbia, SC, to Singapore, and then from Bangkok back to Columbia, SC, reminded me in no uncertain terms of the bigness of our world.  I traveled about 20,000 miles.  It took 24 hours to get to Singapore and about 18 hours to get home from Bangkok.  And those miles were traveled by jet airplanes flying about 600 miles an hour!

It is for this very large world that Jesus gave His life.   Not for the physical planet, of course, but for the world of humanity.  Here’s a short video I took of the many people coming out of the subway into the mall.  How can we not have compassion on them and want to share the good news about Jesus with them? 

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Some Reflections on My Trip to Singapore and Thailand (Part 1)

As many of you know, I spent two weeks serving on an OM (Operation Mobilization)FirefoxScreenSnapz278 ship in Singapore and Thailand.  I have the greatest respect for those 400 brothers and sisters in Christ who are serving on the ship Logos Hope.

I want to use the next couple of blogs to share some of my reflections on my experience.  Your comments are always welcome.

Reflection #1:  The Dedication of the OM crew

I was very impressed with the young people aboard the ship Logos Hope.  Many of them were committed to the three-month STEP program and FirefoxScreenSnapz279were serving the ship as dish washers, kitchen staff, cleaning crew, serving in the book fair, etc.  For some, there was a period of adjustment in realizing that “serving the Lord” often involves what we might describe as menial tasks.

I heard no complaints from those whose duties were less than glamorous.  There was a spirit of cooperation and joy that said, “I’m part of something bigger than myself.”  It was refreshing to see young people from almost 50 different nations working together.

As I flew out to Singapore, I watched “Captain Phillips,” the new Tom Hanks movie, FirefoxScreenSnapz280on the way!  Some might find it odd that I would watch a movie about pirates from Somalia hijacking a cargo ship as I’m flying to join a ministry ship!  A great movie, but a reminder that our lives are in God’s hands.  The safety drills on board the Logos Hope reminded me, however, that we should do our best to be careful and not reckless in our service to Him!

Each morning I would get up about 6 AM and take my place as a table in the mess hall to be available to crew members who wanted to talk.  I had some great conversations about the Lord, the Christian life, marriage, CIU’s programs, etc.  I’m slowly learning that my dedication is often tested by the question of what I do with my time.

My challenge to you:  You may know of some young people who would greatly benefit from spending three months serving on the crew of the Logos Hope.  May I challenge you to read over their web page, pray about the young people you know, and recommend that they consider such a three-month commitment?  You might want to consider helping them financially in such an endeavor.  (to be continued)

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My two week’s of ministry with the OM ship Logos Hope is almost complete.  I have made some new friends here, got to practice my German some, and have FirefoxScreenSnapz272thoroughly enjoyed watching almost 400 volunteers and crew serve the Lord.  Bangkok is an amazing city!

I’ve been able to give about four or five devotionals to the “ship’s company,” as they call themselves.  I’ve also taught four sessions on the issues of temptation and sin, working from my book When Temptation Strikes (makes a great Christmas gift for someone you love).

I head back home to South Carolina early this coming Monday morning.  My flight leaves at 7 am, so I have to get to the airport by 5 am.  It’s 12 hours different here from South Carolina.  So 7 am on Monday is actually 7 pm SUNDAY in South Carolina.  I lost my Monday when I flew to Singapore a week ago, so I hope I get my Monday back when I return home.

These young people are from almost 50 different countries!   I’ve had opportunities to practice my German, and got creamed twice in chess by a young German crew member.  Here in Bangkok, the crew are involved in FirefoxScreenSnapz273a variety of ministries, including street evangelism and other ways to share the gospel with others.  This ship, the Logos Hope, is the largest floating book fair in the world.  Thousands of Thai’s will come on board and visit the large book store, and be introduced to OM’s ministries.

I’ve made some great friends here and look forward to doing what I can to strengthen the relationship between OM ships and CIU.  The US headquarters for OM is in Florence, SC, about an hour from Columbia!

There are a variety of volunteer programs available for both young FirefoxScreenSnapz274people as well as ancient folk like myself.  Check out OM Ship’s website to learn more.

Thank  you to all you who prayed from me during these two weeks.  My life will not be the same.

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