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Elementary Music Teacher’s Helpful Covid Song!

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Time for a Great Commercial — Dancing for JOY!

If owning a pair of (wireless charging!) IPods allows you to bounce all over the place on your commute, what kind of JOY must the believer in Jesus experience every day?!

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Getting to Know . . . I Samuel! (16:14-23) MUSIC THERAPY!

God’s plans are not our plans. So Samuel is directed to anoint the youngest of Jesse’s sons to be Israel’s next king. And Samuel obeys.

But what has happened to Saul? We are told very sadly that “the Spirit of the Lord had departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the Lord tormented him” (v. 14). [One has to make a connection with what will later happen to another Saul — Paul — after he gets a vision of heaven! He will be given a “thorn in the flesh,” a messenger of Satan, “to torment him” – 2 Cor. 12!].

Was this a demon sent by God to further the process of Saul relinquishing the kingdom to David? Or was this a psychological disorder (manic/depression) which could be soothed by music?

Even Saul’s attendants recognized that “an evil spirit from God is tormenting you” (v. 15). They recommend music therapy [my daughter has a degree in music therapy] and they quickly find David who plays the lyre and “is a brave man and a warrior. He speaks well and is a fine-looking man. And the Lord is with him” (v. 18).

David is summoned to King Saul and enters his service. Saul took a liking to him and Dave became one of his armor-bearers. Saul asks Jesse to allow David to remain in his service (v. 22).

We then read that “whenever the spirit from God [an evil spirit, v. 14] came on Saul, David would play his lyre and relief would come to Saul, and then the evil spirit would leave (v. 23).

Some takeaways for me:
1. God is sovereign and can take away His Spirit from a person and can send an evil spirit for His purposes.
2. Music therapy can be quite beneficial!
3. As a result of David’s musical gift, he is positioned in King Saul’s service. And serves him.
4. God is a God of process. I need to ask: Where am I in the process that God is taking me through? How am I to live in this present chapter of my life — in anticipation of the next chapter to come?

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During a recent trip to New Orleans, my wife Linda and I visited the Lower Ninth Ward where Hurricane Katrina did so much damage years ago.  We were appalled at the devastation still visible in that community, condemned houses which needed to be torn down.

Some of the houses still had the symbols painted on them that showed what the rescuers found in the catastrophe.

One of the images that will stick with me is that of a violin covered in dust, lying in the debris of the hurricane’s aftermath.

This image raises the question:  Have you or I lost our music for the Lord?


1.  How do you know when you’ve lost your music for the Lord?

2.  How does one go about getting it back?

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