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The Bible: Not a Book for the Faint of Heart!

“The Bible is not a book for the faint of heart — it is a book full of all the greed and glory and violence and tenderness and sex and betrayal that benefits mankind. It is not the collection of pretty little anecdotes mouthed by pious little church mice — it does not so much nibble at our shoe leather as it cuts to the heart and splits the marrow from the bone. It does not give us answers fitted to our small-minded questions, but truth that goes beyond what we even know to ask.”

Rich Mullins James Bryan Smith’s An Arrow Pointing to Heaven (p. 43)



1.  How have we domesticated God’s Word?  Where is the fierceness, the shock, the truthful threatening and demanding nature of the Scriptures?

2.  What steps do you suggest we take to recover the sheer intrusiveness of God’s inspired word, that it would once again “cut to the heart and split the marrow from the bone”?


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