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The Joy of Unit-Reading #59 (the Book of Nehemiah)

We are making great headway in our quest to unit-read 65 (of the 66) books of the Bible. Unit-reading is reading a book through at one sitting. Today’s book, Nehemiah, issues some needed challenges to my heart. My notes follow, but here are a couple of takeaways for me:
1. I seldom take life and its challenges seriously enough to mourn, fast, and pray. How about you?
2. Do I hide my sadness of heart from unbelievers? Why?
3. Is my heart open for the Lord to “put” something in it for His glory?
4. There is a place for imprecatory prayer (4:4-5).
5. If “the joy of the Lord” is not my strength, I’m in big trouble!

Your comments?

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