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Not That You Asked . . . Possibilities for the Future . . .

For you loyal readers of my blog, I want to thank you.  The last almost year and a half at Crossroads Fellowship Church has been such a blessing for me.  Every week I got to work on another Sunday message and many of them found their way (in some form) onto this blog.

You might be wondering what is next for us.  We’re wondering too!  I want to serve another church that is between pastors and am looking into several possibilities.  I’ll be teaching an online course on leadership for CIU later in September.  Here are several other projects I’m pursuing:

1. I might help one Bible college develop online courses.

2. I have a couple of “Theology Matters” conferences coming up in November (one in Kansas and another in Iowa).

3. I will be teaching at a Bible college in Myanmar (Burma) sometime next year.

4.  I have already done some professional editing for a publisher in Scotland and would love to do more.

5.  I’m finally getting back into writing and have a number of projects I’m working on (details in my next post).

Sure appreciate your praying for us. We’re trying to hold off drawing Social Security until my birthday in February.  I might do some driving for Uber (what an opportunity to share the gospel with others).



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