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Rob Bell on Soul Sunday with Oprah Winfrey (Part 1)

Here are a couple of notes I took on the questions Oprah asked Rob and the answers he gave:

Oprah:  Your definition of God?  Bell:  “like a song you hear in another room.” (very poetic answer, I thought).

Oprah:  The difference between religion and spirituality?  Bell: “Religion is people don’t want to go to hell; spirituality is people who’ve been to hell already.”

Oprah:  Prayer to me is _______   Bell:  “the one word ‘yes.’  I’m open.  What’s next?”FinderScreenSnapz045

Oprah:  What’s one lesson that’s been the hardest for you to learn?  Bell:  “That’s there’s nothing to prove!  All we have to do is enjoy.”

Oprah:  What do you think happens when we die?  Bell:  “There’s a ton of [greeting] all these people.  Meeting my grandpa [is more exciting to me] than meeting God.”

Oprah:  What do you know for sure?  Bell:  “That you can say yes to this moment & experience a joy that can’t be put into words.”

FinderScreenSnapz046Oprah:  The world needs _____  Bell:  “All of us to wake up.”

Bell:  “I believe that we’re going to be fine.”

Oprah:  God is ________  Bell: “Love.  Stick to that one.”

Oprah:  My favorite thing to do on Sunday morning ________  Bell: “Going surfing with his 13 year old.”

Your thoughts on this short video? (I’ll give my thoughts in a day or two)


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