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Jonah: Belief Contradicted by Behavior (Part 37)

Again, no answer.  The Lord asked Jonah a question:  “Is it right for you to be angry?” (v. 4).  And he gave the Lord no answer.  Why not?  Well, it appears that Jonah had settled in for a show.  He had gone out and made himself comfortable at a place east of the city.

He made himself a shelter and, hope beyond hope, was waiting to see what would happen to the city.  He still had visions of destruction dancing in his head, wishing that God would again change His mind and bring the prophesied judgment to Nineveh.

We read that “he waited to see what would happen to the city.” (v. 5)  Why would Jonah expect God’s judgment to fall on repentant Nineveh?  ‘Cause he wanted that to happen!

We get things so mixed up, don’t we?  We ask for God’s mercy on those who don’t repent and want God’s judgment on those who do.  But God provides exactly what we need, as Jonah is soon to find out!  (to be continued)








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Jonah: Belief Contradicted by Behavior (Part 17)

God is in the saving business.  And these pagan sailors have now become members of God’s family.  Not because of, but despite, Jonah’s poor witness.  His orthodox statement was exactly on point.  His life stood in stark contrast to the truth he said he believed.

But what has happened to this runaway missionary?  Surely Jonah thought his life was over as he sailed over the side of the ship into the raging sea.

But Jonah’s God is bigger than the finite rebellion of his misguided missionary.  God’s plans have only been temporarily inconvenienced.  And He is not done with Jonah yet.

The text tells us that the God who provides (known in other Scriptures as “Jehovah Jireh”) is able not only to send calamity, but rescue.  Both a raging storm and a saving sea creature are acts of Jonah’s God.  God provides.  The word “prepared” as used here actually means “commissioned” or appointed, or “ordered.”

What must it have felt like to be sinking into the depths, certain of one’s imminent drowning, only to then sense a mouth opening up for a slimy trip down a salt-water gullet?  Jonah describes in detail his descent into the sea in chapter two, but let us not miss the fact that Jehovah Jireh provided, appointed, this huge sea creature to capture Jonah and save him from drowning.  Jonah’s three-day hotel reservation foreshadows the most critical event in the Bible (which we will discuss in a subsequent post).  (to be continued)


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