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New Year’s Resolutions! Worth Thinking about!

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Rantings of an Old Curmudgeon! (Social Media)

screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-4-50-23-amOkay.  Okay. So I just turned 67.  I don’t feel 67.  Some days I don’t feel older than, say, 62.  But I’ve got a lot of life left in me.  And a lot of things get me goin’!

Today’s topic is . . . MEDIA.  Much of the media I see isn’t very social!  My wife and I went out for supper the other night, yes, around 4:30 or 5 pm (I can’t remember which), and we watched other couples at this restaurant.  Guess what they were doing?  Husband, wife — they were both checking their phones.  They weren’t talking to each other.  What’s SOCIAL about that?

Even worse is when there’s a child involved.  Instead of talking with their child, explaining how people ought to behave in public, their child is playing video games on a $600 tablet.   Head down (not in prayer), but in battle strategy.  No one’s talking to each other.  That just ticks me off — makes me want to go over there and say something like, “Are you people a family?  screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-5-03-24-amExcuse me.  Now that I have your attention.  Do you people live in the same house?  Why aren’t you talking with one another?  If you pay for our dinner (we share one entree), we’ll come over and show you how it’s done.”

I would then say, “If you won’t invite us over, at least let me show you how to FaceTime each other.”




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Time for a Great Quote! (Piper on Prayerlessness)

“One of the great uses of Twitter and Facebook will be to prove at the Last DayScreen Shot 2014-10-09 at 8.14.02 PM that prayerlessness was not from lack of time.”
John Piper

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 4.52.29 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-15 at 4.54.13 PM

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